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Broken iPad in Buffalo-New-York? Need of a professional Buffalo-New-York iPad repair service? The guys at has your back. is owned and operated by the Cell Phone Repair Guys. The nation’s trusted name in broken, cracked or water damaged Buffalo-New-York iPad repair services. Buffalo-New-York area residents now you can save time, money, and the headaches of getting your damaged Apple iPad fixed by other “Buffalo-New-York iPad repair centers”.


Discount Buffalo-New-York iPad Screen Repair Service

Here at we are renowned for our LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE on all iPad 1 and iPad 2 Glass Screen repair prices, and the soon to be released iPad 3 or iPad HD. Whether you have a cracked iPad 1 screen repair, broken iPad 2 screen repair, water damaged iPad repairs, home button not working our iPad repair technicians can fix pretty much any iPad problem.

iPad Repair Service Prices:

  • iPad 2 Digitizer Screen Repair – $160.00
  • iPad 1 Digitizer Screen Repair – $145.00
  • iPad 2 LCD Screen Replacement – $135.00
  • iPad 1 LCD Screen Replacement – $125.00
  • iPad 2 Home Button Repair – $65.00
  • iPad 1 Home Button Replacement – $50.00
  • iPad 2 Water Damage Repair – $75.00
  • iPad 1 Water Damage Repair – $75.00

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